It's Easy Being Green

There was a time when building a “green” home meant spending a lot of “green” to make it that way, often having underlying stressors associated with being environmentally friendly. If a homeowner wanted to build something that was easier on the environment, it meant making sacrifices with not a lot of “comforts and conveniences”.

Part of the reason for that is that the materials needed to build environmentally friendly homes cost more—if a homeowner could even locate the materials locally! On top of that, there weren’t all that many builders who knew enough about the new materials and technologies to install them.

Things have changed dramatically over the past few years. Energy-efficient homes are becoming more mainstream now. Technologies and materials that once cost more are in line with conventional technologies and materials. And comfort? It’s modernized and top of the line, too. Today’s energy-efficient homes are more comfortable than ever, and cost less to heat and cool.

As a matter of fact, a newer, “greener” home can save homeowners a lot of money on utilities each month. So before you consider purchasing an existing home, you may want to check its energy efficiency against a new home with a higher energy rating to see what kind of money you could be saving.

If you’re looking for ways to save energy (and money!) in your existing home without sacrificing comfort and style, we can help. At Spencer Homes, our team will work with you and talk about your energy efficiency concerns as we create the perfect home for you and your family. There’s no need to sacrifice savings or comfort when you build a new home. The team at Spencer Homes is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to the entire Madison County area including Edwardsville, Glen Carbon and Troy communities. , If you are looking for a new, energy-efficient place to call home, contact Spencer Homes, LLC first at (618) 659-0217.