Spencer Homes: A Reflection of Who You Are

Designing and building homes is the reason we get up in the morning. Our team agrees that working with our customers in creating a home that matches their vision, is more rewarding than any other profession we could imagine. Clients come to us with a wide variety of questions, anything from paint colors to closet sizes, and we are often asked “what works best and what doesn’t”. Truth be told, preference is everything. What may work for one family home may not work for another, so we’ve compiled a list of some things to consider when making your new (or not so new home) feel like it’s uniquely your own.

Want to update your existing home on a budget? Many designers tell you not to fight the “bones”, or existing structure, of the space. For example, you may have a lovely fireplace as the focus of the room but the bricks look old and dated. Before running to get that sledgehammer, consider some fresh paint. It’s always easier to, as one Houzz.com pro said, “change your taste to suit the house, not the other way around.”

Whether you are building or remodeling, stay true to what you really like. Open kitchens and floor plans are still exceptionally popular, but we’ve had clients tell us they don’t want guests immediately viewing the kitchen when they enter the home. If you want to be happy with the home you build, don’t build your home strictly on trends alone.

No matter what room in your house you are designing or updating, make sure you define the room. Is it office space or an additional bedroom? Are you watching movies in your living room or is mainly for socializing with company? Often, just knowing what the room’s purpose is will help you design and decorate it. Stiff, decorative pillows (“dry clean only”) for example, are not the best choice for the downstairs family room where your teenagers spend most of their time. It may make sense to also leave out those more modern, glass coffee and end tables too!
Among other tips, if you have a color that makes you happy, paint your bedroom walls with it. If it’s not a neutral enough color for your spouse, use it as an accent color. We spend a lot of time in our homes so it just makes sense to create a space that is not only inviting, but a reflection of who we are. You’ll find that friends and family will respond accordingly, enjoying the fact that you’re sharing a little bit of your unique tastes and style with them in a welcoming environment.

The team at Spencer Homes is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to the Edwardsville and Glen Carbon area, going beyond what traditional home builders generally offer. If you are looking for a new place to call home, contact Spencer Homes, LLC first. (618) 659-0217.